July 9, 2008

(All these nonsense came to me in random moments. first parts are brief intros to topics. second portions are all me yapping in my head:)

According to Plato, there are three parts to a soul: 1.reason 2.spirit and 3.appetite.
So I conclude, sometimes we have to ignore our appetites for our souls to be full.

Ideas don’t die. People do.

Do we really have souls or are they just a pigment of our imagination?
Is an idea matter? Or is matter an idea?
How can we be sure that we have the only one soul? What if like our body, we are made of many souls connected together to make a whole?
What if memories are energies that splatter everywhere the moment the body dies?
And what if those same memories find their way back to its first host and jolts the new body and causes the de javu trance?
What if time is actually pages of a book and everything that happened and will happen in the world are all in the pages? So it’d be like while I’m here typing away, another part of me in another body is trying on her balloon party dress.
What if the sky that stretches wide is actually a tick to another dimension more vast than our own?
When we finally die, what happens to our thoughts? Do they rot away with us in oblivion? Or do we never stop wondering even as we lay six feet under?
When did time begin?
Does time exist or are we just control freaks trying to make sense of the array of troubles in our trivial life?
What is it about pain that makes us wise?
If reincarnation is real, can we be in the same body more than once?
How are souls made? Does God ever run out of them, or does he have fresh supplies stored somewhere?

i think I’ll keep some distance for a while. I can’t say I’d be able to do anything useful.
i have to recharge my batteries.

July 3’08


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