oysters and motorelas

September 18, 2008

five nights ago, i was walking home, having an internal argument because a part of me wanted to go home via motorela. but there was also the urge to walk home. finally, i decided.

i’ll walk home. anyway, i’m used to walking and going at my own pace. besides, the air is clammy from the rain. i like it.

upon reaching loreto’s, tomas saco street, my fickle mind started to complain with the mud puddles and the splashes from the passing cars.plus, i was getting really hungry.

fine, i’ll ride.

let the motorela symbolize my submission to common standards and conformity.
two motrelas pass by. another. two more. three.

if i can’t hail this last one, i swear, i will walk home.

a motorela passes by me after i tell the driver my street. i prepare to cross to the other side for safety since i would be walking home. just then, an old friend’s car stops in front of me.

a free ride. great. i get a free ride.

what does god want me to learn this time?


the turtle and the oysters (taken from the priest’s sermon last sept.14)

oyster 1: I feel so alive! I can move and breathe and jump!
oyster 2: I don’t feel so well. I cannot move my body completely and it is difficult for me to breathe.
turtle: blessed are you oyster 1 for you are able to move and breathe and jump. but blessed are you more oyster 2; your pain is there because of the pearl growing inside you.


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