the aftermath of June one

June 2, 2012

“Honesty means that whatever you’ve done, good or bad, you speak the truth about it. In other words, you don’t lie.

Integrity means that you adhere to a moral conviction, or code of honor, that won’t allow you to do certain things that you feel would debase you.”

Can you guess which value I chose to uphold?

I didn’t want to debase myself by being all too personal and by breaching the confidentiality between our superiors and I. I chose not to lie, but yes, i also chose to be quiet, to hide, if you will. but i never chose to hurt your ego by not telling you first or by making up lies. i answered your question based on the principles i held.

i apologize, but this is how professionals work i guess. and you, of all people should understand that this is all work, nothing personal.


i’m drained from thinking if i was being selfish or i was just too much of a child trying to please her older sisters. but by the end of it all, i still think i did what i thought was right. maybe it wasn’t the best for everyone but yeah, maybe they should have told us altogether to be fair. let me tell you though, this haunted me each and every day since they told me about it. i carried it with me like a chain wrapped around my neck. so don’t tell me i didn’t think about you and the rest of the team because you have no idea what sort of suffering i went through by just being quiet.


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