no contract no support

July 18, 2012

when was the last time you really listened?

i don’t know if i can still do this. i honestly felt like giving up a long time ago. i know i know, it’s an opportunity for me to grow and for me to earn and contribute to the family needs, but what i worry about is the responsibility of managing 10-12 different personalities until February. this project is actually very beautiful and i can see that its impact will create ripples that’ll sustain the community in the long run, but am i really the one for this job?

i have so many bosses to report to and there are reports to update, people from the different sectors i have to entertain and even more people to delegate the tasks, but why is it that i feel so alone, so abandoned and left out?

the thing that ticks me is the fact that i would rather be alone and yet my job entails me to handle people. i’m not really fond of people. i can hide that fact but for how long, i’m not really certain.


when was the last time you really listened? ’cause i wouldn’t mind speaking out, if you’d only let me.

of course, i don’t want to ruin everything, so don’t worry, i can hold it in a little bit longer. anyway, there are mental institutions nearby in case i won’t be able to handle everything.


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