April 4, 2013

something i wish i could tell you straight out.

Thought Catalog

We can tell our real friends anything. It’s kind of the idea: You are extremely close, and have formed a voluntary bond based entirely on who you are as individuals, so they should be the go-to for when something difficult-to-discuss comes up. Throughout all of your time together, you can recall a million times where you told them a secret you once imagined you would take to the grave, where they were presented with a piece of information that a lesser person could clearly hold against you, and they loved you just the same. So when you find yourself with your hand over the “send” button on an ominous text message about needing to talk, not sure of how they’re going to respond, nothing could feel more foreign between you.

When a friendship starts dissolving, it feels like a kind of sickness. You can feel it somewhere near your bones…

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