I Want To Run Away With You

April 6, 2013

something inspiring

Thought Catalog

We are surrounded by exits, one in every direction. There are only so many times you can pass by that glowing red sign with the promising arrow and pretend not to notice it. We convince ourselves that we need this jacket, that duvet cover, this meal at that restaurant — we don’t need anything. We have the only thing that could possibly matter, and there is nagging part of me which knows that something in the daily tedium of money spent and hours worked is chipping away at it. It is so easy to look at another person through the fog of everything unrelated which is upsetting you, to take their beauty for granted because you imagine it will always be there when you roll over in the morning. I hate that I do this.

You have done nothing wrong in your life, you know. Well, maybe you have. I…

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