When I Sold Your Engagement Ring

April 6, 2013


Thought Catalog

I bought the ring a few months before you broke up with me. “People
change.” When I packed up my things and left our home, I tucked the
ring box I had been keeping in my nightstand, but not before telling
you my intentions. In an attempt to try and make you change your mind
or hurt you, I still don’t know. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of
my life with you. Go on adventures with you. Wake next to you. Be hit
in the face by your flailing arms while you slept. Make you smile.
Share inside jokes that were impervious to the outside world. These
were all part of a life I never believed I’d be without.

When I flew my best friend out to help me pick out the ring she was so
excited for us. When I told her it was over she…

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