When You’re A Girl Who Should Be A Boy

April 29, 2013

Thought Catalog

Run around with the other boys, play football and ride bikes with your shirts off in the summer. Think girls are gross and exclaim “eugh” when you see your parents kiss. Scowl at everyone who buys you something pink. Cry for hours when they try to force you into a dress. It’s a phase they say, she’ll grow out of it. She’ll grow out of it. Eventually they say you’re too old to be a tomboy, their patience wears thin. The boys don’t want a girl hanging around with them. The girls all think you’re strange. You don’t fit anywhere.

Get to high school, it’s a new start. You can do it right this time. Keep your head down, wear the right clothes, apply the correct make-up, do your work how they tell you. The teachers love you, you have enough friends, everyone thinks you are okay. Meet your parents’…

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