Why You Should End Up With Your Best Friend

May 21, 2013

best friend huh?

Thought Catalog

You’re not always going to look good. Some mornings, you’re going to wake up with a little snot hanging out of your nose and skin that’s more blotches than flesh. It’s going to be a mess. And even though you really want to impress the person you love — and to pretend that you are some permanently-sexy creature that is always at its best — you are going to have to see them. And you want someone who makes you feel loved and welcome even when you are at your least presentable, someone who can make you laugh through your sinus infection, someone who reminds you that you are at home. You want your best friend.

It’s the person you are always happy to look beyond, the person who seems as though they will always be there simply because they always have been. It’s easy to take your best friend…

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