true strength

November 6, 2007

Childhood and innocent crimes

How long ago they seem

Seasons change and pass us by

Now the sapling is a tree.

It holds its ground firmly

Though the wood is dry and bare

Even after men have stolen its fruits

The tree remains standing there.

Tempests have come and gone

Most wounds now appear as scars


But the trunk is still intact and strong

The leaves continue to look at the stars.

Humbly they move along with the wind

Witnessing changes unfold

Although painful, change can be good

It reminds us that we are getting old

The leaves now start to fall

As the angels start to weep

Tomorrow a new coat of leaves will be born

And by then, the cracks wouldn’t be so deep.



a prayer

November 6, 2007

Lord, you know my every thought and in my every heart beat, you are there. Thank you for your love. In everything that happens in my life every second of everyday, grant that your will be done. I only ask that you bless me with enough strength and wisdom. You know the people that are now a part of me. They are very dear and I pray that you continuously protect and guide them for they all matter to me.

Lastly lord, I ask for your pardon for all the shortcomings and the sins that I and the rest of the world commit everyday. Please forgive us for submitting to our gnawing emptiness that resides in the depths of our souls. We only seek to be loved and for a place to belong. And I am sorry fpr using my being human as an excuse to hurt you/ my other siblings.

Remind me lord that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you for never leaving us. May our faith continue to shelter us during rainstorms and serve as a ray of light in our lives. Help us to be graceful in defeat and meek during victories. All things come from you lord. Amen.

Dec ‘06