The whole world is in recession now. There are additional cases of the influenza (a1h1) virus and classes have just resumed with students on a scheduled shift for the use of classrooms, dragging on ’til the evening in unfortunate communities. DepEd and DOH worry about the swine flu and the right to be educated while parents pore over uncompensated pre-need educational plans. Yup, the rainy season has begun and floods are to be expected, what with the growing deforestation rates all over the country. The Philippines is in recession too, but all we ever talk about is the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal. The senate is even insistent in keeping the trial and investigations open to public. i don’t see the necessity. Are they just trying to impress us? Especially with the elections around the corner, are they pursuing Kho and Manny Villar’s estate just to win our favor? Senator Bong Revilla is ridiculous. Yes, I see his point, but he’s a hypocrite. He labels the doctor a pervert when he himself has had several affairs with other women while married to Lani Marcado. They call it anti-women but they keep it open to the public, stimulating more and more viewers to take a peak at the sex videos available on youtube or crunchyroll. Once more, I believe Kho and the rest of his women are victims. Yes, i won’t deny that Hayden Kho is a sicko with a capital S, but he never did show it to anyone; someone else had copied it from his personal computer and breached his right to privacy.

In addition, with so many aspiring leaders out to get the Presidential position, our people are getting more and more divided and/or apathetic. Where else will we go but down down down?

And please, there are still more hungry, homeless children, numerous neglected cases of abused women who went through worse and countless more political issues concerning governance and moral integrity that need urgent attention more than celebrities and aspiring leaders of the Philippines. Why not focus our sights on resolving them rather than spread jokes and sex videos for everyone’s entertainment?

Another show like this with skinny orphans pedaling for politicians while our leaders vie as to who would appear more moral, and i would gladly denounce my citizenship.