November 6, 2007

I held the stars for you

And tried hard to gather enough life

But whatever I did it was not enough

To imitate your light

Apollo God of fire

Why do you forsake me?

Have you drunk too much splendor

That you no longer see me?

Are you too blind of pride

That you no longer love me?

Have you forgotten Luna;

The ever guardian of the sea?

Have you not felt my longing?

Or the intensity of my need?

Can you not tell how much I need you?

How each cold night magnified my want to be freed?

We were once shapeless clouds

Made merely of dust and air

We were once happy together

Until they made you flare

You became a star,

Resplendent and proud

And I became the moon

Our love was lost; unwanted to be found.

Still I chase after you

Though the gods condemn me so

For you I’ll make the waters wild

For you I consistently glow

Apollo my love, where are you now?

Have you drowned yourself in superficiality?

Am I no longer worthy of your love,

Are we not meant to be?