i could have been a rock

December 8, 2009

sometimes it’s comforting to actually have time for yourself to think and to appreciate all that surrounds you, but at other times, the presence of another individual can be soothing and priceless.

i’ve tried my hand at fiction, again, but i’m not sure if it’ll last long enough for me to actually finish something.

you ever wonder how amazing words are? how they can affect one so much that the power overcomes our weaknesses, our frailty? take “i miss you” for example. it’s only three syllables but its mere utterance can make your day a whole lot better. i think it has to do with the fact that people want to be wanted, that humans live to be needed, and stating something like yearning is proof that we can’t live alone. it also implies that being who you are, just living out your life, not merely existing ’cause that’s a different story, can be enough impact on another person that at some point of separation, you are sought after and wanted.

but it’s different when relationships evolve and people’s roles change. i believe the time spent together really is a factor in the quality of the relationship between any two people. see, they may be inseparable in the first semester, but break them off and place them in separate sections and drifting apart is bound to happen. the challenge then is to maintain or at least regulate what you’ve both establish before the separation.

augh. but why am i even talking about relationships when i can’t even keep up with my old friends? why couldn’t i just be a rock? if i had been one, all i’d do is sit idle day in and day out and i wouldn’t have to worry one bit.

there’s this movie, “departures” i saw last December 2. and it made me think so much that i came to a point when i concluded to myself that i could be Japanese. the people of Japan are known for their subtlety and the simplicity of their movies, of their stories and their music. and it got to me: i could survive in Japan or wherever Japanese people are. i could be Japanese. i can go on appreciating landscapes and instrumental piano, cello pieces and the beauty of death for twenty-four hours and i still wouldn’t tire of it!

so much for patriotism.


Dave Grohl:
Tonight I’m tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud

more excuses to procrastinate my studying DR procedures and Pharmacology. :p