You are a wolf – one of the strongest and respected animals there are throughout history. The wolf is a determined, tough, and versatile creature found in almost any environment: from mountains to deserts to prairies. Although the wolf personality can represent the stre…ngth and ability that comes from a lone wolf, this is actually quite rare. Most of the time wolves, like in nature, thrive and survive in packs, coordinating in an organized manner within their society. Wolves also tend to often have many close and loyal friends around them to back them up in times of need just as they stand behind those they care about. In relationships, most wolves also remain faithful to their partner and maintain a strong friendship no matter what happens – they generally keep in contact with their past lovers and never forget the bond they have as companions. The wolf inspires strength, loyalty, and faith in others even in the darkest times. They are strong, deep-thinking, loyal personalities and can always be counted on in the end. If you look into a person with a wolf-like spirit, you realize that they have deep and powerful eyes that are hard to discern what they are thinking about or feeling. Wolves often may not show emotion as much as others, but inside lingers much thought and feeling. Howling at the full moon as the gentle breeze flows across the mountain side, the wolf reminds everyone to stand strong even in the darkest of nights.

it just might be proof that i’m a native at heart. 🙂