June 23, 2009

life to many is viewed as precious, rich and a one-time offer only. yet i’ve come to observe that more and more, people take control and commit suicide. why is that? if they think it’s because it’s the only escape from their troubles, it’s not. and if they do it just because their life is devoid of any meaning, then why not? after all, we have the gift of choice and the power of free will so why not exerise it fully?
what i don’t understand with Christianity though, is why they refuse to help those people who went to take the less traveled road when it’s them who needs their prayers the most. i thought the central dogma of their savior Jesus Christ, is to repent and forgive seventy times seven? i believe it has less to do with the fact that they defied the father by ending their life and more to do with pride. if Christians were indeed following Christ, he who befriended the forsaken and welcomed the poor, then aren’t they suppose to bend a little and open doors to those over-sensitive artists who are most of the time left out and misunderstood? i cannot live in a community who believes in justice and yet doesn’t have the heart to help out those who need guidance the most. what does that say of them then, that it’s okay to abandon the sheep who mutilated himself and is bleeding profusely but it’s a sin to give up on those who backslide and wander in other directions, unable to attend mass every sunday?