another one of those crazy statements.

that’s basically it: stories keep us alive and drive us to go on living. imagine a world with no stories. kind of pathetic right? what would we talk about? what would we keep with us for inspiration? what would enable us to improve ourselves and the world we live in, if not the stories of everyday experiences by ordinary people like myself?


driven by fear: a theory

February 11, 2008

we live for stories, built for time but driven by fear–that’s how i see it.

We are all driven by fear : fear of not belonging anywhere, fear of not being recognized and loved, fear of not being enough. And as the years mount into the life we’ve come to know, we soon develop this fear of being ordinary, stereotype and boring. And so we break the cycle and inconsistently practice different routines, until we stop and look back one day, only to discover that we’ve accomplished nothing.

The fear of death, of not being remembered and of not being able to do what our full self is capable of doing before we leave this forsaken place infested with too much greed and too little of love, is exactly what makes us grab opportunities and seize every moment to say our “I love you”s in the later years of our adult self.

And yet, I keep wondering, “What is it that dictates our nervous system to process fear in ourselves? Isn’t fear just an idea, a pigment of our repressed or neglected desires and imagination?”

I think fear is the result of the overwhelming feeling that we cannot control everything, and that no matter what we say or do, there will always be uncharted territory somewhere down our journey.

God is a control freak. We are his children, and so it’s only natural that we ourselves are control freaks in this minute of a life we have here on Earth.